How to install the correct drivers, do you really know how to use a computer?

Everyone knows that when we assemble a computer, we first install the machine, then install the system, and finally install the driver. Here we will talk about how to install the correct driver .

Why does it say that the “correct” driver is installed, and is the driver still wrong? Many people say that you need to install the driver yourself. Isn’t it a fool-like one-click installation system, and I can use it after installation! If someone asks this question, it can only be said that this person can’t install the driver at all, and he doesn’t even know what the driver is. There will be blue screen, inexplicable GUB, and even crash during use, so what I want to teach you is how to use the most official method to install the driver perfectly.

Some students want to ask, after I installed the system, all kinds of drivers are missing, why the monitor can be on, the keyboard and mouse can also be used, the audio has sound, and the Internet can be accessed? Because these are integrated drivers that come with the system, the system installation package we use looks very large, some 4-5 G, but the system body is actually very small, and a considerable part of the data in the base is compatible drivers . These drivers can be found in The system we just finished provides a basic API interface before supplementing the dedicated driver, to ensure that we can use it, and it is convenient for us to supplement its dedicated driver. Because the compatibility driver that comes with the system can only maintain the basic operation of the hardware, and cannot give full play to its performance, we must make up for the dedicated drivers for each hardware by ourselves . 原文链接:亿说电脑

There are three main ways to install the driver :

First, let the system install automatically after networking , this is only for Win10, the previous version does not work, such as Win7 and XP are not supported. At the first boot, if Win10 detects that our computer is connected to the Internet, and the integrated online driver can also use the network card to connect to the Internet, WIn10 will automatically download and install the driver for us. This is much simpler. Just connect the computer to the Internet and leave it alone. After half an hour or an hour, all the drivers will be automatically completed. but! There is also a problem with the driver installed.


First of all, because it will only complete the drivers of the necessary hardware, such as sound card, network card, chipset, etc., as for other accessories, it will not help us install, such as independent network card, bluetooth, independent sound card, solid state drive, card reader , keyboard and mouse, touchpad, headset, etc., their dedicated drivers will not be installed for us.

Secondly, the recognition of the hardware model by the system is not necessarily particularly accurate. Some hardware drivers are common to the same series of product drivers, but have special optimizations for different models. If Win10 accidentally installs another model of the same series for ours The driver is also available, but the performance cannot be maximized.

Finally, the version of the driver installed automatically by the Win10 system is not the latest, although the newer the driver is not necessarily the better, and the new version of the driver sometimes has bugs, so I personally do not recommend the method of automatically installing the driver in Win10.

Unless you are a novice, or you can use a simple entry-level function, and there is no requirement for performance, then use this simplest method.

2. Install with third-party software , such as Driver Wizard, Driver Life, 360 Driver Master, Master Lu, etc. Using this type of software, you can easily install the driver with one click. Compared with the automatic installation of Win10, it can ensure that the driver version is all The latest version, because the third software updates the drivers in time, otherwise who will use it.

The disadvantage is the same as the automatic installation of Win10. It is not particularly accurate for model recognition, and it cannot detect the drivers that need to be installed for non-core components. There is also a problem caused by rogue bundling. These third-party software are not just for us to use for free. They want to make money, so they will install software or advertisements.

When we install these third-party software, we accidentally put a bunch of junk software together. It is installed into our system, and once it is installed, even if we uninstall it, it will not be uninstalled cleanly, and the driver provided by the third party is not safe, and we do not know if it has done anything.

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