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Job Description

Responsible for the distribution of resources and the monitoring of: a) supplies for the practice of hand hygiene, b) implementation of the IEC campaign, and c) water quality in the six schools in Huehuetenango assigned to her charge. It also contributes with administrative/logistical tasks such as inventory and maintenance of field equipment and other activities that may be assigned .

Main Functions:
1. In charge of the supply delivery process for the WASH Schools project and the registration of the corresponding information in the field.
2. In charge of monitoring the use of IEC campaign material in each school.
3. In charge of monitoring the water quality of the assigned schools.
4. Support verbal and written communication with local authorities and leaders about project activities and to obtain endorsement and support in the implementation of activities.

1. Collaborate with the members of the work team to ensure that the procedure established in the protocol is followed and that the activities are carried out with the established quality standards.
2. Support during the implementation of activities, mechanisms for group integration, promotion of quality and application of established work standards.
3. Organize and transfer forms, administrative stationery from the field to the project headquarters, guaranteeing the security that all documentation and samples arrive in a timely manner and in good condition, in accordance with the established protocols.
4. Carry out the work under strict bio-safety regulations.
5. Comply with the rules of confidentiality of the information and the names of the participating persons.
6. Support the field team in activities to speed up the information collection process using different techniques (including the use of electronic agendas – tablets).
7. Prepare periodic reports of field work.
8. Optimal use of the resources assigned to their specific activities.
9. Participate in meetings called by the supervisor
10. Other activities that are assigned by your supervisor.

Other responsibilities:
1. Properly carry out administrative tasks inherent to his position.
2. Comply with the policies of the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, including the administrative/financial regulations, and the corresponding research protocols.
3. Maintain the practices that guarantee safe work and apply the procedures in accordance with the safety requirements of the activities of your position.


Required academic level: High School Diploma

Years of experience: One year of experience in field work.

Knowledge and skills:
Effective communication, planning, coordination, organization of activities, ability to write reports.
Skills for coordination at the level of authorities and local leaders, management skills

Reside in the work area or surrounding areas
Management of computer equipment
Management of electronic platforms, Zoom, Teams, Google Meets
Internet access

Have a vehicle / motorcycle at your disposal to work
Valid driver’s license

Additional information

IMPORTANT: This position is being sought to cover vacancies in:
Chiantla, Huehuetenango
Quiché, Cunén

Hours: Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Hours extended to non-business hours and days in accordance with the needs of the Center.

Those interested in the position and who meet the requirements, upload resume and send salary claim before January 20, 2023.



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